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Fighting off Alzheimer’s

blueberries and Alzheimer's disease

There may be hope for clients suffering from cognitive decline from the juicy powerhouse that is the blueberry. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, specifically anthocyanins that have been shown to increase cognition. This has previously been observed in animals, but now is being documented in humans as well.The first of two exciting new […]

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Careful Increasing HDL cholesterol

HDL LDL Cholesterol

Usually patients with lipid profiles too high in LDL, the low-density “bad” cholesterol, and too low in HDL, the high-density “good” type, have been prescribed drugs that increase the amount of HDL cholesterol produced in the body with the goal of taking advantage of the protective effects of this waxy, fatty molecule. However, a recent […]

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Coffee May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

coffee_and_ skin_cancer

Often the standard practice in many clinics is to recommend against coffee drinking. The more we study coffee and its effects, however, the more we may want to revise this plan. Research by the National Cancer Institute from late 2015 shows that there are certain types of skin cancer that are less likely to occur […]

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Eating Fish can Improve Brain Health

eating fish can improve brain health

Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to improve the health of human brains, as the presence of this type of oil seems to contribute to improved cognitive function. Some parents supplement their children’s diets for exactly this reason, as this study from the Public Library of Science shows, which included 362 healthy children. In […]

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Egg Cholesterol Found Not Harmful


Modern medicine has suggested for over two decades that those at risk for heart attacks should reduce or eliminate eggs from their diet. The thinking was that the cholesterol in eggs was a contributing factor in arterial plaques, increasing atherosclerosis and heart disease. Further research is showing that egg consumption, and cholesterol consumption overall, does […]

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Food Choices May Affect Children Before They Are Born


Epigenetic research is progressing at a rapid pace, and the findings are becoming more clear: genes aren’t an exact template for our body, they react to outside stimuli, such as choices of foods and lifestyle-induced health concerns.There is current research in Germany from scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München, in collaboration with researchers from Technical University […]

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Fiber Rich Foods May Help You Sleep

While high fiber foods have long been touted as sleep aids, we now know that eating more fiber can lead to deeper, more restful sleep. Columbia University published a study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine showing that those with more fiber in their diets were able to spend more time in the dreamless, […]

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