Working with Fitness Centers to Expand Nutrition Services

In recent years, social media has been flooded with fitness enthusiasts sharing their stories and gaining a following using trendy calls-to-action such as #transformationtuesday and #fitspo. With that in mind, it’s not hard to believe that there has been a 33% increase in the number of individuals with health club memberships in the past decade (IHRSA).

What does this mean for those in the nutrition consulting field? Could there be a direct correlation between fitness industry growth and career opportunities for nutritionists? Nutritionist jobs are estimated to increase a whopping 16% by 2024, compared to the general industry growth average of 7%. So ask yourself: How can I grow my nutrition consulting business and profit from this rapidly developing fitness industry? The answer is simple: capitalize on this upward trend and partner with a nearby fitness center.

Why Fitness Centers Need a Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, you are likely well aware of the fact that exercise on its own will not give your clients optimal results. In fact, a recent study has shown that exercise alone resulted in 2.4% weight loss in participants, versus an 8.5% and 10.8% loss with dieting only and a combination of the two, respectively (NCBI). You’re also likely aware that your business isn’t limited to those looking to lose weight. Clients involved in athletics and weight-training often require nutritional guidance to ensure proper fueling for their intense training programs. This means your business is not restricted to any particular type of fitness center, giving you endless options for a potential partnership.

Mutual Benefits of a Partnership

Partnering with a fitness center will provide you with the opportunity for cross-promotion. Many of your clients may want a recommendation on where to find a good fitness program. Conversely, members of a fitness center maybe interested in taking their healthy lifestyle to the next level but have no idea how to do so. Through your partnership, both businesses will grow together. Cross-promotion is also useful in the ever-changing social media landscape. With an average 52% decline in organic reach on Facebook business pages in 2016, it’s getting harder than ever to guarantee that the intended audience is receiving your messages (Marketing Land). Partnering with a fitness center and cross-promoting your business on social media will extend that reach, expanding your audience and boosting your sales.

Nutrition Services for Fitness Center Clients

As a Nutritionist, you have the benefit of flexibility when deciding how best to share your expertise in a partnership. Consider pitching the following when approaching a potential partner:

  • 1-on-1 coaching services
  • Package deals with personal training sessions
  • Value-added membership packages
  • Small group sessions
  • Information sessions
  • Monthly meal plan creation
  • Online consulting services
  • Results-based contests

Your fitness center partner may have specific requests or ideas of their own; this is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm and find a system that works for everyone involved.

Ensuring Success

Regardless of which option(s) you and your potential partner decide to move forward with, your responsibility as a Nutritionist will be to prove your added value to the center’s current clients. In doing so, you’ll add another revenue stream to their business, increase clientele, increase free word-of-mouth advertising, and nourish your nutrition consulting business to success.

Do you think nutrition consulting should be part of a fitness program? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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