Use Grocery Store Tours to Promote Your Nutrition Services

Grocery store tours are a great service to offer clients and members of your local community. Why is this? Grocery store tours allow you to educate others in “real-time” about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. This can be much more effective than simply discussing healthy eating with your clients, as you would do during a typical nutrition counseling session, and providing them with handouts to review about healthy eating.

Studies show that many people are better able to consume information when they are in an interactive environment vs. a typical classroom-type setting, therefore making grocery store tours an effective alternative or supplement to traditional nutrition counseling. This can only help meet the needs of your clients even more.

Keep in mind that grocery store tours can be done as a group or on an individual basis, and do not have to be for existing clients only – grocery store tours can be made available to anyone in your local community. Note that some grocery stores may not allow group tours, but if they do, the grocery store may even be willing to help promote your grocery store tours, as this might increase business for them as well. Of course, you may have clients that would prefer an individual tour designed for their specific dietary needs.

Thus, interacting with your grocery store tour participants at this level is invaluable. You can show them where the healthier and unhealthier parts of the grocery store are, and show participants that grocery shopping for healthy food is not as challenging as many think.

Grocery store tours also enable you to see how the participants typically do their grocery shopping, which allows you to engage with them even more. You can show them how to read nutrition and ingredient labels on food packaging, including their favorite food items, and then determine if the food item is a healthy choice or not (remember – everything in moderation). You can also use this opportunity to introduce participants to new food items that they haven’t tried before, and introduce substitute ingredients for their favorite recipes that could be a healthier alternative.

In addition, grocery store tours allow you to show consumers that it is not as expensive to eat healthy as many think, dispelling a big myth about the cost of healthy eating. Use this as an opportunity to educate participants about using ads, coupons, and other methods to get the best prices on healthy food items.

Keep in mind that grocery store tours are also meant to be fun for everyone involved. One way of achieving this is to customize the tours with themes, such as kids’ nutrition, vegetarians, and holidays. This is especially useful assuming you have time restraints and won’t be able to conduct an entire grocery store tour in one visit.

How else can grocery store tours benefit you and your business? If there are participants in your grocery store tour that you haven’t met with before, this is a great way to introduce them to other services you provide and gain new clients. Plus, grocery store tours can bring you some extra income and help get your name in front of the public – an excellent way to promote yourself and your business.

How do you feel about offering grocery store tours? Have you tried it? What has been your experience? Please leave us a comment below.

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