Use Facebook Live webinars to introduce your services

Facebook as a social media platform and a means of increasing exposure is nothing new. But with the continuous changes in algorithms affecting reach and engagement, it can be hard to consistently publish top performing posts that end up drawing in new clients. Bring on Facebook Live!

With this component of Facebook, you can create live video which streams directly to your audience, allowing them to ask questions, leave comments and engage with you in real time. It is like an event or conference that you are speaking at, that has a set start time, but that individuals can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. And as a nutritionist, there are a whole host of other reasons this should be your new go to:

It makes you more personable

We’ve all been in that position, where we are nervous about working with someone new. Will they be nice? Will we get a long? When you create Facebook webinars, it takes care of the introduction portion between you and your potential client: it helps the client feel like they know you before you even meet them, thus making them more comfortable with you and more likely to seek out your services. It’s a dynamic, interactive collaboration that engages both you and the viewer, and allows you to reach out to people and invite them to see what you are all about. In the process, it will hopefully allow you to pull in some new clients as a result.

It helps you know what people are looking for

When you do a Facebook Live video, you can introduce yourself, explain a bit about your background and then let people know what you do now, what your services are and how to get in touch to book an appointment. More than likely, in the feedback or in the comments, you’ll get lots of questions about services, times, workshops etc., and it will give you an idea of what people want and need so that you can best meet their needs and bring them on as a client.

Location is no longer an issue

Gone are the times where you can only have clients who live close enough to come to your office. With options such as Facebook Live, you can now do online consulting in real time, with no need for a physical location where you can all meet. This means you can do group consultations, have consultations with individuals who are unable to come to your office and even with individuals who later move away or who are travelling and not able to come visit you. Collectively, this opens up a whole new set of potential clients.

It’s popular right now

Facebook Live is popular right now: people know about it, people are checking it out, and Facebook is promoting it. We all know from our own Facebook feeds that Facebook kind of seems to do its own thing when it comes to choosing what information to show us and what posts to promote for us, but one thing is for sure, it’s currently into promoting Facebook Live events. And that means your video being pushed to bigger audiences. This type of media is so easy to use. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment or much technical knowledge and it's designed to work on your laptop or phone, so no camera or videographer required!

Given that you can reach a lot of people in a short amount of time and have a big impact on your viewers, it’s time to get over your camera shyness and start streaming your first webinar using Facebook Live!

What do you think of Facebook Live? Have you tried it before? Let us know in the comments, and share this article if you found it useful!

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