Find new clients by participating in local health fairs

Wellness fairs are a great way to increase your exposure, make yourself known within the local community and gain prospective clients. For many people, just simply knowing you are available as an option, and knowing what services you provide is a big first step in their quest to choosing a nutritionist and getting healthier.

Start looking in your local paper and on the community information boards to find out when the next fair is in your area. Then contact the organizers to reserve a booth. Once you have registered, use these tips to help you make the most of your experience and increase your clientele:

Have a purpose – Go to the fair with a purpose and target your booth accordingly. Is your goal to gain clients? To increase your exposure? Or maybe to promote a specific service, such as your coaching, or your weight loss program? Whatever your purpose for going is, create material, such as handouts, pamphlets and freebies, and make signs that display this accordingly. Your handouts/pamphlets should be simple, such that they get the information across, but don’t overwhelm the individual. It should leave them asking questions leading them to make an appointment with you to find out more.

For freebies, you could offer recipe cards, a “Healthy Pantry Guide,” to put on the fridge, or even mini cue cards that have “did you know?” health tips on them. (Check out the free online design tools at to help you create professional looking pamphlets and freebies!)Overall, make it clear to individuals why they should stop at your booth and what they can hope to receive from you in return. Consider having a sign up sheet where people can sign up to receive an email with more information, and always make sure it is easy to contact you.

Make your booth interactive – Check with the organizers of the fair to see if you are able to offer interactive demonstrations or activities for the participants. For example, you could do a cooking demonstration on quick and healthy snacks, or bring a blender and whip up healthy breakfast smoothies. You could also have a selection of superfoods or healthy ingredients on hand and every half hour, do a short interactive demonstration of why the ingredient is good for your health and offer some ideas of recipes where it could be used.

Don’t underestimate a business card – While things may have gone in the direction of technology and being online, there’s still not much that can replace a good old-fashioned business card. Having them easily accessible at your booth so that viewers can simply grab one as they walk past is a great way to reach as many prospective clients and community members as possible! Plus, it’s essential for you as a nutritionist to connect and network with other like-minded health practitioners at other booths. You may be able to collaborate with them on future projects. For a quick, budget friendly approach, check out to create and print your new business cards.

The most important thing about a wellness fair is recognizing that you are going to have a very diverse audience, ranging from people who are just getting started being health conscious to people who want diet plans to lose weight or just get fitter. Reach out to as many people as you can, but above all else, smile, have fun and learn from the experience!

Have you ever participated in a wellness fair? What are some of your tips, and what did you learn? Let us know in the comments, and then share this article if you found it helpful.

Photo: © Catstail | - Food At Total Health Show 2014

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